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USIP Free Online Course 2021 | Free Courses!!

USIP Free Online Course 2021 is one of the best online free courses that the USA offering now. In this blog, you will often see posts related to scholarships, internships, and fellowships. But, today I will share different information which is about online courses. Now, USIP means the United States Institute of Peace. The best thing about this online course, it is totally free and all nationality holders are eligible for this course. The main office of USIP is in Washington D.C(USA).

The main purpose of this USIP is to work on prevents conflict and promoting conflict resolution around the globe, and this institute works under USA federal institution. If you understand the English language, then easily you can enroll in this online USIP course.

USIP institute offering short terms courses along with micro-courses.The great thing about this online course is, no ae limit and no academic qualification restriction. So, no matter what is the level of your education, if you can understand the English language. You are eligible.

If you want to know more about USIP short-term and micro-courses. Then read the full article because all the information is given below. Now, the duration of this USIP short course is approx 3 hours, but on the other hand full course is also available if you want to understand the topic more deeply and thoroughly. All the information is given below.


Benefits Of USIP Free Online Course:

Here is a sneak peek of the benefits that you will get along with this USIP online free course 2021.

  • No course fee – totally free material.
  • All country nationality holders are eligible for this online course.
  • You can also get a free digital badge.
  • Totally self-paced course.
  • There is no time to complete the course.
  • No registration fee is required at all, it means free.
  • You will get immediate access via open learning courses.

List of Courses:

Below is the list of the course that is offering the USP institute.

  • Gender Inclusive in Peacebuilding.
  • Media and Arts for Peace
  • Introduction to Peacebuilding
  • Mediating Violent Conflict
  • Preparing for Peacebuilding
  • Religion and Peacebuilding
  • Designing Community-Based Dialogue
  • Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation for Programming in Fragile Environments
  • Nonviolent Action
  • Negotiation: Shaping the Conflict Landscape
  • Good Governance after Conflict
  • Conflict Analysis

Eligibility Criteria For USIP Free Online Course:

In order to get USIP online free course 2021, the candidate must meet the following conditions mentioned below.

  • All country’s nationality holders are eligible for this USIP online free course.
  • No need for higher education is required, if you understand English you are eligible.
  • No age limit is mentioned, it means no age limit requirement.
  • There is no need for TOEFL and IELTS is required.

How To Apply:

The application process is very simple. As I mentioned above, there is no registration fee, and the registration process is free. So, you can enroll at any time in USIP online free course. If you want to apply online or want to get more information, then kindly visit the link mentioned below.

Apply Here!!

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