Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023 (Work Permit in 7 Days)

The Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa Process allows non-EU nationals to work in Lithuania for up to 6 months per year. The key steps are:

  1. Find a seasonal job in Lithuania
  2. Employer applies for your work permit (issued in 7 days)
  3. Employer signs work contract with you
  4. Apply for a National Long-Term D visa with work permit and documents
  5. Visa issued within 15 days

Over the past few years, Lithuania has become an increasingly popular destination for seasonal foreign workers. The Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa Process offers an excellent opportunity to live and work in Europe temporarily.

Who is Eligible for the Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa?

The Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa is open to non-EU nationals only. EU citizens do not require a work permit to take up employment in Lithuania.

Some key facts about the program:

  • Success Rate: The Lithuania work visa has an approval rate of 98%
  • Duration: Allows work for up to 6 months in a calendar year
  • Sectors: Jobs available in agriculture, tourism, hospitality, and more
  • Population: Lithuania has 2.8 million residents, offering unique work opportunities
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Step-by-Step Process for the Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa

Here is the step-by-step process to obtain your Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa:

1. Secure a Seasonal Job Offer

The first step is to find a seasonal job in Lithuania. Some resources include:

  • Lithuanian State Employment Service job portal
  • Work in Lithuania website
  • Job sites like CV Online, CV Market, etc. (see full list below)

Popular seasonal jobs are in sectors like hospitality, tourism, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

2. Employer Applies for Your Work Permit

Once you’ve secured a job offer, your Lithuanian employer will apply for your work permit at the local Employment Service Office.

Key Notes:

  • Applications are processed very quickly – the work permit is issued within 7 working days
  • Your employer must sign an employment contract with you once the permit is granted

3. Apply for Your National Long-Term Visa

After receiving your Lithuania work permit, you can apply for a National Long-Term Visa from your nearest Lithuanian embassy/consulate(The List of the Lithuanian Embassies can be found here).

Key Notes:

  • This D category visa is for stays over 90 days
  • Submit your work permit, passport, photos, and other documents
  • Visa decision will be made within 15 calendar days

4. Receive Your Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa!

Once approved, you will be issued a visa sticker to put in your passport. Check visa validity dates and final entry date.

Now you can travel to Lithuania and work there legally for up to 6 months!

Duration and Validity of the Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa

  • The work permit allows employment for up to 6 months per calendar year
  • The visa will be valid for the duration of the work permit (usually 6 months)
  • You can enter Lithuania multiple times on a multi-entry visa during the validity period
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Cost of Getting the Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa

There are two main costs:

  • Work Permit Fee: €120
  • National Long-Term Visa Fee: €140

So the total fees come to €260. Startup costs for flights, insurance etc will be extra.

Key Requirements for the Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa

Here are the main requirements you’ll need to meet:

  • Valid passport – must be valid for at least 3 months beyond intended stay
  • Job offer – a signed work contract from Lithuanian employer
  • Work permit – issued based on your job offer
  • Health insurance – minimum coverage of €30,000
  • Sufficient funds – to support yourself initially in Lithuania
  • Clear criminal record – other checks may be carried out
  • Return ticket – to show you intend to leave Lithuania after work

Meeting these requirements will ensure a smooth visa application process.

How to Find Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here are some recommended sites to search for jobs that offer work visa sponsorship:

Lithuanian Job Boards

  • Lithuanian State Employment Service
  • Work in Lithuania
  • CV Online
  • CV Market
  • CV Bankas
  • Voodoosales
  • Start up CV
  • Scobo

Recruitment Agencies

  • Alliance for Recruitment
  • Manpower
  • Strategic Staffing Solutions
  • Simplika
  • Biuro Info
  • Headex

Check company profiles carefully to confirm they can sponsor foreign workers for seasonal work visas before applying.

EU Commission Website on Lithuania Seasonal Worker:

Expert Tips for Getting Your Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa

Follow these pro tips from visa experts for a smooth application process:

  • Apply early – begin your job search 2-3 months in advance for best options
  • Ensure your passport has 6+ months validity left
  • Use a visa agency if you need help navigating the process
  • Purchase comprehensive health insurance covering your full work term
  • Collect all required documents – double check visa application requirements
  • Book your flight only after receiving the visa successfully
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The Lithuania Seasonal Work Visa provides an excellent opportunity to gain international work experience in the EU for up to 6 months. With an approval rate of 98%, it’s a great option for those looking to work abroad temporarily.

Follow the step-by-step guide above to secure your seasonal job, obtain the required work permit and visa, and embark on an amazing adventure in Lithuania!

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