30+ Available Fully Funded Scholarships 2023/2024 For International Students:

Key Takeaways

  • There are 36 fully-funded scholarships available in 2023/2024 for international students across bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels.
  • Top opportunities are provided by prestigious universities, governments, organizations, and foundations worldwide.
  • Most deadlines fall between January and October 2023 for programs starting in late 2023 or 2024.
  • Full scholarships cover all tuition, living costs, travel, and other expenses to study abroad.

Got No Time? A Quick Answer for You

For the 2023/2024 academic year, there are 36 excellent fully-funded scholarship opportunities for international students. Spanning bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels, these prestigious programs offer full coverage of all fees, living costs, travel, and other expenses to study abroad at top institutions worldwide. Most applications open in early 2023 with deadlines between January and October. Thoroughly researching relevant options and applying early maximizes chances of securing full funding.

Securing full financial support through international scholarships enables ambitious students worldwide to access top global universities and earn internationally recognized credentials. For the 2023/2024 academic year beginning in late 2023, 36 fully-funded scholarship opportunities across undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels can make studying abroad possible.

From prestigious universities and governments to charitable foundations, top fully-funded scholarship options for 2023/2024 include:

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

Deadline: January 2023/2024

Details: Full funding for 1-4 years of graduate study at Oxford University in any field. Covers all fees and living expenses.

World Bank Scholarships Program

Deadline: January 2023/24

Details: Full scholarships for developing country students to study abroad at participating universities for development-related fields.

Danish Government Scholarships

Deadline: January 2023/24

Details: Fully-funded master’s and PhD scholarships for international students from emerging countries to study in Denmark.

Swedish Institute Scholarships

Deadline: January 2023/24

Details: Fully-funded master’s scholarships for professionals from select countries to study in Sweden. For careers benefiting sustainable global development.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Deadline: January 2023/24

Details: Prestigious French government master’s and PhD scholarships. All study costs covered at partner French universities.

President’s Scholarships, Imperial College London

Deadline: Jan/Mar/May 2023

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Details: Covers full undergrad or postgrad costs at Imperial based on academic excellence.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

Deadline: January 2023/24

Details: Full tuition and living costs covered for international students in eligible MSc programs at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

Deadline: February 2023

Details: Dutch government scholarships covering tuition, visa, and more for international students pursuing eligible bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees at Dutch universities.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

Deadline: February 2023

Details: Fully-funded fellowships for master’s degree study related to peace and conflict resolution at partner universities worldwide.

Lund University Global Scholarship

Deadline: February 2023

Details: Select international students receive full tuition coverage for English-taught bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Lund University.

Uppsala University Scholarships

Deadline: February 2023

Details: Full tuition scholarships for international master’s students at Uppsala University in Sweden, based on academic merit.

Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships

Deadline: March 2023

Details: Covers costs for Pacific students to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral study in New Zealand.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Scholarships

Deadline: March 2023

Details: Full scholarships to study 2-year Europe-wide master’s degrees at multiple universities, under the prestigious Erasmus Mundus program.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships

Deadline: March 2023

Details: Full funding for citizens of developing Commonwealth countries to pursue master’s study in the UK.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Deadline: March 2023

Details: Fully covers costs for developing country students to study in Australia across all levels and fields.

Government of Romania Scholarships

Deadline: March 2023

Details: Fully-funded scholarships for international students to pursue Romanian-taught bachelor’s, master’s, PhD programs in Romania.

Pro Tip: Make a spreadsheet to track programs you are eligible for and key deadlines. Apply to ones aligned with your academic background and interests.

Fulbright Vietnamese Student Scholarship Program

Deadline: April 2023

Details: Full graduate scholarships for Vietnamese students to study in the US across most fields of study, for up to 4 years.

British Council STEM Scholarships for Women

Deadline: April 2023

Details: Supports women from developing countries to pursue funded UK master’s and PhD study in STEM fields.

Harvard University MBA Scholarship

Deadline: May 2023

Details: Needs-based funding for MBA students at Harvard Business School, aimed at promoting a diverse class. Can cover full tuition plus living costs.

MEXT Scholarships

Deadline: May 2023

Details: Fully-funded Japanese government scholarships to study bachelor’s, master’s, research/PhD programs in Japan across fields.

GREAT Scholarships

Deadline: May 2023

Details: UK government fully-funded scholarships for students from India, Pakistan, other developing nations pursuing UK master’s degrees.

Slovak Government Scholarships

Deadline: May 2023

Details: Fully-funded bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD scholarships for developing country students to study in Slovakia.

Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme, Poland

Deadline: May 2023

Details: Full scholarships for international students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees taught in English at Polish universities.

Marian University Scholarships, USA

Deadline: June 1, 2023

Details: Numerous full-tuition and housing scholarships open to international students across bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Italian Government Scholarships

Deadline: June 2023

Details: Funded master’s and research scholarships focused on art, music, design, Italian language offered at Italian universities.

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Helmut Schmidt Program

Deadline: July 2023

Details: German government funded master’s scholarships in public policy, business admin, economics, and other areas.

Editor’s Note: Make a spreadsheet and research programs suited to your academic background, interests, and nationality. Apply early and thoughtfully.

Orange Knowledge Programme

Deadline: August 2023

Details: Dutch government scholarships for developing nation students to pursue master’s and vocational studies relevant to societal development.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Deadline: August 2023*

Details: Fulbright scholarship enabling mid-career professionals to complete US non-degree study and professional development.

DAAD Scholarships

Deadline: September 2023

Details: German government funded undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and research scholarships across diverse fields of study.

Cambridge Scholarships

Deadline: October 2023

Details: Prestigious scholarships for international students across bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs at University of Cambridge.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Deadline: October 2023

Details: Fully funded scholarships for international postgraduate students to pursue full degrees at Cambridge University.

Pro Tip: Review detailed eligibility criteria for each program and only apply to ones you are qualified for. Follow instructions carefully.

Graduate Research Scholarships, New Zealand

Deadline: October 2023

Details: New Zealand government scholarships supporting PhD study at NZ universities for international graduates.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships

Deadline: October 2023

Details: Prestigious scholarships for international master’s and PhD students to study in Ireland across many fields.

Chevening Scholarships

Deadline: November 2023

Details: Fully-funded UK government scholarships to study one-year master’s degrees at any UK university across all fields.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Deadline: November 2023

Details: Full scholarships for international students to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research in Switzerland.

Canada Graduate Scholarships

Deadline: December 2023

Details: Prestigious scholarships open to international master’s and doctoral students for study at Canadian universities.

This covers all 36 fully-funded international student scholarships mentioned in the original file. Below is a summary table:

Scholarship Application Timeframes

Most fully-funded scholarship opportunities for international students in 2023/2024 open applications in early 2023. Deadlines generally fall between January and May. This allows time for review, selection, and processing to begin studies in late 2023 or start of 2024.

Earlier deadlines often correspond to more prestigious and competitive programs from top universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Government scholarships like Australia Awards and Commonwealth Shared also have fall and winter deadlines.

Some scholarships operate on rolling admissions rather than formal deadlines. In these cases, submit applications as early as possible for full consideration.

Meeting all required criteria and diligently applying to relevant scholarships is key. Start researching and preparing quality applications months in advance of deadlines.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for fully-funded international scholarships varies but academic excellence is universally important. Programs also often require:

  • Citizenship/residence in an eligible country
  • Admission to partner universities/programs
  • Study in certain levels, fields, or topics
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Leadership qualities and potential
  • Relevance of study to development goals
  • Language proficiency

Specific criteria is detailed in each scholarship’s guidelines. Check you meet all required qualifications before applying.

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Scholarship Coverage

Fully-funded scholarships provide comprehensive support so international awardees can focus on their studies rather than finances. Covered costs usually include:

  • Full tuition for the academic program, including all fees
  • Living allowance stipend for housing, food, supplies, etc
  • Health insurance
  • Travel costs like flights and visa fees
  • Settlement allowance for initial expenses upon arrival
  • Research funding (for PhD scholarships)
  • Internship stipends (for some programs)

Award amounts vary between scholarships and countries. But full coverage means all necessary study and living costs are covered.

Top Destination Countries

Fully-funded international scholarships open up opportunities around the globe. Some top destinations include:

United Kingdom

The UK offers prestigious options like the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, President’s Scholarship at Imperial College London, and Commonwealth Shared Scholarships.


Leading European options span the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship in France, Erasmus Mundus programs across the EU, and university scholarships in Sweden, Denmark, and beyond.

United States

The US is home to full scholarships like the Harvard University MBA Scholarship and competitive Fulbright awards.

Australia and New Zealand

Look to Australia and New Zealand for fully-funded opportunities like the Australia Awards Scholarships and Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship.

Developing World

Students from developing nations should check options like the World Bank Scholarships Program and Orange Knowledge Programme.

Editor’s Note: With full financial support, internationally-minded students can gain life-changing experiences studying abroad. Researching programs, applying thoughtfully, and demonstrating academic excellence are key steps to unlock fully-funded opportunities in 2023/2024.

How to Maximize Your Chances

Follow these tips to give yourself the best shot at winning a coveted fully-funded scholarship:

  • Start early – Begin researching and applying at least 6 months before deadlines.
  • Focus your search – Target programs suited to your nationality, study level, field, and interests. Create a spreadsheet to track relevant options.
  • Master the requirements – Read all criteria carefully and ensure you are fully eligible before applying.
  • Highlight academics – Grades, test scores, publications, and other academic achievements are critical.
  • Craft strong essays – The application essays are your chance to stand out. Invest time to make them excellent.
  • Get feedback – Have mentors, professors, and others review your application materials and essays.
  • Meet deadlines – Submit all components of your application by the program deadline.
  • Follow up – If you are not selected, politely ask for application feedback to improve next time.

With diligence and perseverance, you can win funding that makes achieving your international higher education dreams possible!

Scholarships 2023/2024DeadlineDetails
Oxford Pershing SquareJan 2023/24Full graduate funding at Oxford
World Bank ScholarshipsJan 2023/24Full scholarships for developing country students
Danish Government ScholarshipsJan 2023/24Fully-funded Denmark master’s and PhD
Swedish Institute ScholarshipsJan 2023/24Fully-funded Sweden master’s
Eiffel Excellence ScholarshipJan 2023/24Full French master’s and PhD
Imperial College London President’s ScholarshipsJan/Mar/May 2023Full undergrad and postgrad at Imperial
Chalmers IPOET ScholarshipsJan 2023/24Full master’s funding at Chalmers Sweden
Orange Tulip ScholarshipFeb 2023Dutch master’s and PhD scholarships
Rotary Peace FellowshipsFeb 2023Fully-funded peace & conflict resolution master’s
Lund University Global ScholarshipFeb 2023Full bachelor’s/master’s tuition
Uppsala University ScholarshipsFeb 2023Full master’s tuition
Manaaki New Zealand ScholarshipsMar 2023Full bachelor’s, master’s, PhD in NZ
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’sMar 2023Full Europe-wide master’s degree
Commonwealth Shared ScholarshipsMar 2023Full UK master’s funding for Commonwealth citizens
Australia AwardsMar 2023Full scholarships across levels/fields for developing country students
Government of Romania ScholarshipsMar 2023Fully-funded Romania bachelor’s, master’s, PhD
Fulbright Vietnamese Student ScholarshipApr 2023Full US graduate funding for Vietnamese
British Council STEM Scholarships for WomenApr 2023Funded UK master’s and PhD in STEM for developing country women
Harvard University MBA ScholarshipMay 2023Full MBA funding at Harvard
MEXT ScholarshipsMay 2023Fully-funded bachelor’s, master’s, PhD in Japan
GREAT ScholarshipsMay 2023Full UK master’s scholarships
Slovak Government ScholarshipsMay 2023Fully-funded Slovakia bachelor’s, master’s, PhD
Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarships PolandMay 2023Full English-taught bachelor’s/master’s in Poland
Marian University Scholarships USAJune 1, 2023Full tuition/housing scholarships
Italian Government ScholarshipsJune 2023Funded Italy master’s and research scholarships
Helmut Schmidt ProgramJuly 2023Funded Germany master’s scholarships
Orange Knowledge ProgrammeAug 2023Funded developing country master’s and vocational
Hubert H. Humphrey FellowshipAug 2023US Fulbright professional development scholarship
DAAD ScholarshipsSep 2023Funded Germany undergraduate, graduate, doctoral
Cambridge ScholarshipsOct 2023Funded scholarships across levels at Cambridge
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipOct 2023Full postgrad scholarships at Cambridge
Graduate Research Scholarships New ZealandOct 2023New Zealand PhD scholarships
Government of Ireland Postgraduate ScholarshipsOct 2023Prestigious Ireland master’s and PhD
Chevening ScholarshipsNov 2023Fully-funded UK master’s degrees
Swiss Government Excellence ScholarshipsNov 2023Full doctoral/postdoc research in Switzerland
Canada Graduate ScholarshipsDec 2023Prestigious Canada master’s and doctoral


Fully Funded Scholarships 2023/2024 For International Students offer life-changing opportunities to access top global universities and earn internationally recognized credentials. From Oxford to Australia and beyond, full funding unlocks doors for ambitious students worldwide.

Review eligibility criteria thoroughly, choose programs suited to your goals, make applications excellent, and submit before deadlines for your best shot. The effort of researching and applying is well worth it to access prestigious fully-funded scholarships enabling you to study abroad without financial barriers.

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