Is Earnest Scholarship Legit

Is Earnest Scholarship Legit? The Truth Behind This Popular Program

Yes, the Earnest Scholarship is a 100% legitimate scholarship program that awards $50,000 annually to students pursuing higher education.

The Earnest Scholarship has awarded over $925,000 to 185 college students since its inception in 2019. However, some lingering doubts persist about the scholarship’s legitimacy.

Key Takeaways: The Earnest Scholarship is 100% Legit

  • Earnest has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships to 185+ students since 2019.
  • The detailed selection process, transparent winners list, prestigious partners, and reviews prove legitimacy.
  • Requiring a loan application allows better vetting of applicants in service of the program’s educational goals.

How the Earnest Scholarship Works

The Earnest Scholarship is funded and administered by Earnest, a financial technology company. To apply for the scholarship, students must:

  • Be pursuing a bachelor’s or graduate degree
  • Attend an accredited 4-year university/college
  • Apply for an Earnest student loan

Winners are selected based on short-essay responses, and awarded a $2,500 scholarship applied directly to their student loan balance.

Editor’s Note: The Earnest Scholarship application doubles as a student loan application. However, applicants are not obligated to accept the loan if selected.

Proof the Scholarship is 100% Real

Despite seeming “too good to be true,” ample evidence supports the legitimacy and integrity of the Earnest Scholarship:

  • Detailed Selection Process: Earnest outlines an extensive screening and vetting process for applicants. A committee reviews essays and selects winners based on merits.
  • Transparent Winners List: Earnest publicly announces scholarship winners on their website and social media. Past winners can be easily verified.
  • Prestigious Partners: The Earnest Scholarship is promoted by leading scholarship search platforms like Fastweb and
  • Favorable Reviews: Recipients vouch for the scholarship’s legitimacy across the web, including on Reddit.
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Pro Tip: Checking a scholarship’s website, selection process, winners list, and reviews can help avoid scams. Reputable programs will be transparent.

Earnest’s Motivations Are Understandable

Some may view Earnest’s loan requirement as undermining the scholarship’s integrity. However, their motivations make sense:

  • The loan application provides useful information to vet and select recipients. Earnest still awards scholarships based on merit, not loan activity.
  • The loan requirement attracts serious, committed applicants who will use the funds responsibly.
  • Awarding funds to pay student loan debt ensures money is used for its intended educational purpose.

Editor’s Note: While not ideal, the loan application does not detract from the legitimacy of this generous scholarship opportunity.

The Earnest Scholarship meets all the markers of a legitimate scholarship. For students meeting the eligibility criteria, it represents a fantastic opportunity to fund their education and ease debt burdens. The application process is certainly worth the reward.

So rest assured – the Earnest Scholarship is completely legit! Apply with confidence. 😊

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