ADB Summer Internship 2021

ADB Summer Internship 2021 | Fully Funded Internship!!

ADB Summer Internship 2021 is a golden opportunity for new candidates to join employees from 60+ countries worldwide. So, if you want to join this and internship 2201, then apply for this. For detailed information then read the full article. Now, keep in mind this internship is only for the master’s p.h.d degree program. Undergraduate candidates can not apply for this internship. Sorry.

In this internship, international candidates gained experience based on practical work and on research. This ABD internship is for self-directed, open-minded, self-motivated candidates. ABD offers these kinds of internships 2 times a year. ABD internship total duration is around 8 weeks, it may be 26 weeks but this totally depends on upon situation.

In this ABD internship candidate will get a 1-hour lunch break and the regular work schedule is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Candidates will also get a monthly stipend, but this will be based on their location, where they place for internship. If you want any change in the given schedule, you must discuss it with your supervisors. selected candidates may choose to work beyond 56 calendar days.

Eligibility Criteria ADB Summer Internship 2021:

  • The candidate must meet the following points in order to get an ABD internship in 2021.
  • The candidate must be a national of one of ABD members.
  • Keep in mind ADB does not accept applications from close relatives of ADB personnel.
  • Candidate must be enrolled in Master’s or in P.hD degree program.
  • The candidate has professional experience relevant to the assignment.
  • The candidate also has a strong grip on the English language.

Full Details About ADB Paid Summer Internship 2021:

Internship Duration Minimum 8 Weeks
Organization Asian Development Bank
Financial Coverage Fully Funded
Deadline 15th September 2021



Financial Benefits:

Here are some of the following benefits of getting an ABD internship in 2021. 

  • Monthly Stipend: All internees get a month-to-month stipend from ADB paid internship program.
  • Internees will also get a chance to work in an international development organization.
  • Upon the intern’s appointment, ADB gives a restrained quantity to cowl a part of the airfare tour cost.
  • By doing this ABD paid internship you are automatically contributing to ADB’s business through research outputs.
  • Internees will also get the opportunity to work collaboratively with experienced professionals from over 50 different countries.

How To Apply:

First of all the application process is simple and online. Just complete the application form online and upload all your required documents. To apply online click the below button.

Apply Here!!

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